Monday, November 7, 2011

Why I Wish I Was a Graffiti Artist

Well, to be honest, I'm jealous and impressed by all who can take the pictures in their heads and make it a reality. More power to them, seriously. Now, here I mean those who (for whatever reason) use the walls of industrial downtowns to express themselves and let the world know they were here. I do not mean those who leave gang signs. It is the former category that I wish I was a part of. I want a can of paint of a spray can to be my way of telling people about my world.

I want to do silly things, like add a B to the front of the Roadway trucks because I'm a theatre nerd. Or make references to country songs like writing 'Billy Bob loves Charlene' in John Deere Green letters three foot high on a water tower. But I also want to do meaningful things (at least to me) like inscribing the names of all the friends I've lost (count is up to nine at this point) somewhere people will see it and know the names of people who did such wonderful things and meant so much to me and mine.

Also, as a graffiti artist you can make lasting art on your own terms. You don't need to wait for a gallery showing or craft fair (or in my case being cast in something) to have a piece of you that is seen by hundreds (maybe thousands depending on where you are) of people or just a few that wander by, that's power. There's a magic in that.

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