Sunday, October 23, 2011

I Don't Want Freddy and Jason; Give Me Vincent

I love horror movies. Love love LOVE them! But here's the thing; I'm not very good with gore. Sometimes I even have to turn away from episodes of House and Private Practice when they're cutting into people's heads or organs or...excuse me a minute.

Okay, better now. Back to the love of horror movies. I watch the classics. I don't mean the newer '70/'80s classics: Nightmare on Elm Street or Halloween or Friday the 13th; I mean House on Haunted Hill and Invisible Ghost. I mean Vincent Price and Bela Lugosi. These are the killers that will kill you quiet and then go after your friends who don't even know you're dead because you were dissolved in an acid bath in the laboratory. I mean the killers who kill one person and then have to keep killing so that first murder isn't discovered. You know the guy who lives in the secluded castle on a hill? He scares me a good deal more than the guy wearing the hockey mask. Unless the guy in the castle is Dr. Frank-n-Furter, then I just wanna party with him.

I love and fear the men like Vincent Price who's very voice suggests he will have a nice tea after a long day's killing people and forming them into wax sculptures of historical figures. By the by, may I suggest you rent House of Wax? Not the newer Paris Hilton-version which I only watched for Jared Padalecki and his abs, but the Vincent Price one. You'll be able to sleep with the lights out, but you'll flinch at everyone in an artist smock for a month. You want a real scare that may not startle a scream out of you, but will haunt your dreams for weeks? Find a Bela Lugosi flick or a Lon Chaney Jr. movie. Did you know Little Shop of Horrors was originally an actual horror movie made in 1960 that was only later made a musical?

The best modern horror movies I can think of are the Paramornal Activity flicks. No buckets of gore, but see if you don't flinch at shadows afterwards. They freak you out in the theatre, sure all horror movies worth their salt do that, but then they stick with you. They get into your head and make your quiet house or apartment seem like it could be harboring angry spirits. You can run from a masked man wielding a chainsaw- and really, those things are very heavy, how fast can those guys really run?. But when your lights flicker and your heart starts beating a little faster or when a man's voice or smile is enough to send shivers down your spine, that's really being horrified.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Time Marches On (To the Beat of a Lady Gaga Song)

I have officially reached that age. Where not only are my friends who've been with their beloved since kindergarten are getting married and having babies, but so are my exes and my former crushes. *sigh* I'm still just under two months out from being twenty-three and I can count on one hand the friends who are NOT getting married, are engaged, or have reproduced. One hand. And the first person who says "Oh you're too young to worry about that" gets kicked. I'm not too young. But I am not looking at any of those options any time soon and I'm fine with that. This is not a poor me post, this is merely an expression of disbelief at how together my friends have it. Well done, you all.

Today's purchases.
Two dresses, three sweaters, and two pairs of trousers from ART's costume sale-$11
Pumpkin Scone and Pumpkin Cheesecake Muffin-$4
Holiday novelties, word search book, and double-stick tape at dollar store-$5
Parcheesi and a free weight to work my arms with-just under $7
Watching Jensen and Jared conduct a set tour on MTV's 10 on Top this morning-priceless

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Wearing a Purple Shirt and Writing

Today being the National Day of Writing (we have one of those?) I thought I'd write a post. Sorry, everyone, that I've been MIA. Busy auditioning and working an unexpected work shift and socializing and getting violently ill. Also watching a lot of Tim Burton films. But you didn't need to know that. Anyway, I'll be doing a lot more writing come November (because blog posts count towards my 50,000 words and I am a competitive gal). NANO SOON! Spiced Apple Cider, soon to be mine!

Anyway, the purple shirt bit in the title wasn't just telling you what I'm wearing, but a movement called Spirit Day. Wearing a purple shirt on the day twitter tells you to wear a purple shirt shows your support for LGBT youth. Which I support, having been one once. The kids are still dying, people. That is NOT acceptable. Wear a purple shirt, smile encouragingly at others wearing purple shirts, let's let lawmakers know how many LGBT and allies there are. Let's get some change up in here. *totally NOT 'raising the roof'*

Monday, October 10, 2011

What Video Games Taught Me

1.Just when you think you're going to die, you'll find enough heart to keep going.

2.No matter how many times your loved ones are taken in by bad things, you should still try to rescue them.

3.Explore everything, because the best treasures are never out in the open.

4.That little voice over your shoulder may be shrill and annoying, but you need to listen to it if you want to do things right.

5.Every party requires dancing.

6.Even chubby guys can be heroes

7.Don't eat red and white mushrooms.

8.Just because it's in a treasure chest doesn't mean it's good.

9.The bosses get harder as you travel, but that's okay because you're getting stronger.

10.You find out who your real allies are when they're watching your back.

11.Sometimes you have to leave some things behind in order to be light enough to keep going.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Sex is Never the Enemy

I don't believe in 'I've seen it all', especially as it relates to human sexual practices. I don't see how anyone can. The expression is used when you've seen something so far beyond your realm of experience, you couldn't imagine it if you weren't looking at it. Which is hyperbole anyway, but even if it's exactly true (tricky concept in itself), you've just seen the farthest side of human sexuality and imagination from you. There are countless points between these two disparate sides. No one, but no one, can see it all in the realm of sexuality.

Also, I highly recommend (if you're into discussion about sex and want to start seeing some of those different sides of it: )

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Why I Think Kurt and Karofsky Should be Together

Don't get me wrong, I hated Karofsky for a long while there. Then he did the unexpected (because I wasn't in the habit of reading Glee spoilers at that time): one day, instead of punching Kurt, he kissed him. And with that one incredibly complicated act and the subsequent ones, he became not just a random jock with slushies, but an equally complicated character. Someone who, unlike Kurt, was running in circles that weren't going to accept him as who he really is.

Dave (because I'm using his first name since Kurt does too) has been shown in so many new lights since he kissed Kurt: someone who not only enjoys dancing, but is good at it; a scared kid beneath the tough guy exterior; a good student (seriously, even I didn't take Calculus 'cause it's hard). With the Bully Whips (bring back the beret!), he got to use his anger and frustration against actual bullies instead of someone who reminded him how life could be aka Kurt and his friends.

Also, can we give it up for Max Adler? In a show that takes over-dramatic to a new level (and entertainingly so, don't get me wrong), his subtle changes of expression give Dave Karofsky a quiet nuance. I refer the reader to the scene between Dave and Kurt outside the classroom in the episode 'Prom Queen'. Actually I just refer you to the whole of that episode. I feel like there should be an award for Best Acting in a Certain Episode of a Show You're Sorta In just so I could present it to Max (at which point I would dissolve into giggles and blush)

Now, the reason I think Dave and Kurt should be a couple. Let's take a look at Kurt's present boyfriend, Blaine *insert Pretty in Pink quote here*. I don't really have a problem with the character of Blaine in general. Although he does make some funny faces when he sings and dances, but if i can overlook it for John Mayer, I can do the same for Darren Criss who is a great singer. In a recent episode, Blaine was given the chance to audition for the male lead in the school musical: the role Kurt is also trying out for. I also refer to basically Kurt's entire tenure at Dalton, where Blaine sang the leads and Kurt did back-up. Therein lies my problem with this couple: they clash. Not vocally, they sing beautifully together. I mean, this is going to be a problem in their relationship (not a spoiler, just a well-educated guess). The fact they're both so damn talented that it will always be one or the other who gets the lead.

Enter Karofsky. He has not been shown to have any singing talent up to this point (though if you look up Max Alder singing "New York, New York" you will not be disappointed). If Kurt were to get with him, they wouldn't be competing. And I honestly think each boy would be good for the other. Dave would calm Kurt down a little bit, Kurt would let Dave shine a little more (more Karofsky dancing!). Now I know this is just one girl's opinion, but yeah, I really think Karofsky and Kurt should become a couple. (also they'd be superhot together!)