Thursday, October 20, 2011

Wearing a Purple Shirt and Writing

Today being the National Day of Writing (we have one of those?) I thought I'd write a post. Sorry, everyone, that I've been MIA. Busy auditioning and working an unexpected work shift and socializing and getting violently ill. Also watching a lot of Tim Burton films. But you didn't need to know that. Anyway, I'll be doing a lot more writing come November (because blog posts count towards my 50,000 words and I am a competitive gal). NANO SOON! Spiced Apple Cider, soon to be mine!

Anyway, the purple shirt bit in the title wasn't just telling you what I'm wearing, but a movement called Spirit Day. Wearing a purple shirt on the day twitter tells you to wear a purple shirt shows your support for LGBT youth. Which I support, having been one once. The kids are still dying, people. That is NOT acceptable. Wear a purple shirt, smile encouragingly at others wearing purple shirts, let's let lawmakers know how many LGBT and allies there are. Let's get some change up in here. *totally NOT 'raising the roof'*

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