Wednesday, September 14, 2011

(Almost) Everything I Know In Life I Learned From Labyrinth

1. Labyrinth is spelled L-A-B-Y-R-I-N-T-H and will impress the heck out of people when you can spell it at six years old.

2. Don't take things (including baby brothers) for granted.

3. Never say the phrase "This is a piece of cake".

4. The way forward is sometimes the way back.

5. Start your wishes with "I wish", less dramatic, but more effective.

6. The Bog of Eternal Stench: is what it says on the tin.

7. Fairies bite.

8. Always ask permission.

9. Don't take the brass ring out of the knocker's mouth or you'll have to find a way to get it back in.

10. Information is easily exchanged for baubles.

11. You remind me of the babe.

12. You're only allowed to throw your own head.

13. An oubliette is where you put people to forget about them.

14. One door leads to the castle, the other to certain death. One of the door guards always tells the truth, one always lies.

15. When things get wild, chilly down, chilly down with the wild things.

16. When you think things aren't fair, figure out what your basis for comparison is.

17. Forever is not long at all.

18. Be careful what kind of help you ask from The Helping Hands.

19. "You're mother is a fragging aardvark" is a great insult.

20. Don't listen to false alarms when you're on the right track.

21. Have a cup of tea with the worm who showed you the way.

22. Every now and then, for no reason at all, you need your friends.

23. Truth hurts like hell.

24. Before you start wishing things away, make sure the Goblin King isn't in love with you.

25. Be kind to owls. You never know who they might be.

26. Jim Henson is the patron saint of youth.

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