Sunday, September 25, 2011


The closing night of a show is always a strange thing. You've spent weeks (hopefully) backstage with your castmates (which I've determined is one word and bugger what grammar says), giggling, cracking inside jokes and marveling over the power and presence you each can bring to your roles on the nights you are really 'on'. I try to do closing night gifts, because I figure I've spent all this time with these people, I really ought to know enough of what they like that I can pick out something small that I know they will like. Last night's seemed to go over well, which made me happy.

I am one of those dorky people who really do prefer giving to receiving when it comes to presents. My favourite part of Chrismukhah (oh stick around, we'll get to that) is going shopping for people's presents. Yes, I do pick up the occasional thing for myself (Bath & Body Works is never safe from me in November/December) as well.

Anyway, back to the show. Cast parties, the biggest audience yet and smooth lighting and scene changes marked this last show for us. We filled in skipped lines and improvised when we felt the urge in our characters. Backstage we chatted about the cast party and what being actors is for each of us. I'm going to miss these people and only hope we make the effort to hang out or work together again.

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